By landlords we mean the activity of those who rent rooms to third parties. It is not to be confused with sharing the same house

Characteristics of the activity

This term means the lessor of an economic and essential type of accommodation, often not linked to tourist use. It also differs from bed and breakfasts, from hotels, hotels and pensions. Many basic services are guaranteed and do not have 24-hour coverage.

If a restaurateur, in the same real estate structure where he exercises his entrepreneurial activity, also has the activity of landlords, the exercise is called inn.

In Italy

The subject is governed by the law of 16 June 1939 n. 1111 (Discipline of landlords) and the Consolidated Law on public security.

The law outlines the activity of landlords by setting these requirements:

  • They cannot have more than six furnished rooms, located in no more than two furnished apartments in the same building
  • They cannot have more than six beds
  • They can provide meals
  • They cannot supply spirits
  • The minimum duration of accommodation, except for artists and provincial exceptions, is 7 days
  • Housing, unless otherwise agreed, must be paid every fifteen days
  • The resolution of the rent must be communicated 7 days before, except for exceptions or derogations
  • The persons lodged are not entitled to reimbursement of the advance price for accommodation
  • Persons are entitled to reimbursement of uneaten food, upon notice on the previous day

The Decree of the President of the Republic n. 31/2001 has abolished, as a necessary requirement for the exercise of this activity, the prior declaration to the public security authority.

The activity of landlords is also subject to regional laws, which integrate the national regulation on the subject, providing for other requirements, or inserting other quality standards or even better describing the minimum contents of the service and / or furniture, hygienic, plant.

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